Kubrick Project · Week 5

Essay part 2

TASK 1: (U4 AC 1.1, 1.2 & 2.1) Kubrick Essay or Presentation1st draft UPLOAD deadline 6th February
Final Draft Submission deadline Wednesday 13th February 2019 (Upload)

We watched films, which represent part of SK’s most mature and least compromised work. You will write an essay. Your essay might include topics like:

  • Delineations of characters
  • Film Contexts
  • Cinematic codes like Mise en scène
  • Role of music and sound
  • SK’s cinematic signature
  • How you relate to his work


You can use written or spoken word, or produce your assignment in other forms such as charts and diagrams. Ensure you make reference to theories/theorists and use Media terminology.
Use Harvard referencing and include a reference list/filmography.
To be handed in on VLE: Report – minimum 800 words


Today, I will be showing you ways of how Kubrick interprets his films into the most mature and least compromised work. These include Delineations of characters, film contexts, cinematic codes (Misè en scene), roles of music and sound, SK cinematic signature I will also be talking about how I relate to most of his work when filming.

When Kubrick is creating his films, he does lots of detailed research within each character, for example in the film “The Shining”. The Shining originally was a book published in 1977 and was created by a writer named Stephan King’. I will now show you ways of how Kubrick represents his character.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 09.25.21.png



The first character I’m going to show you is called Jack from The Shining. At the start of the film Jack is shown as a stereotypical husband/dad. Jack is portrayed as a sympathetic character, who only wants to be a good person, father and a successful writer. However we see later in the film that he has demons affecting him. As the film goes on we see the Jack is trying to stop his alcoholism after he abused his son and caused him to break his collarbone. Within this film Kubrick research how alcoholism effects someone; how hard it is to stop an addiction- we see this in the middle of the film When Jack has a break down to the bar tender about it all. The demons then win and Jack has a drink.

The costumes for this character would be quite easy to replicate and Jack mainly wore ‘fatherly’ clothes such as red jacket, checkered shirt and some jeans.

Throughout the film ‘The Shining’ Kubrick uses Misè en scene, we can see this in the lighting, through doing the research I have noticed that  within every shot that there would be a door leading down to the hallway; there would always be a contrast of light and dark colours, for example you can see this within this picture-

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 09.26.04.png

As you can see through the image above, there is an abstract between the light and dark colours , within this shot the main focus is a character called Wendy who is wearing dark clothes, this could of been Stanley representing the trauma that Wendy  was going through in the scene; the use of facial expressions help us to understand as-well. Stanley also uses rule of thirds in this shot, making the wall abit blurry will help us focus on Wendy more.

Sound in the shining

Within “The Shining” the music appears to be quite dark sharing the audience what genre the film is going to be. For example Horror. The film starts off with the family driving to the hotel, the colour of car Is shown as yellow this could be Kubrick representing that the family is a happy stereotypical family. However the scenery appears to be peaceful. the yellow car could of represented that the family was a stereotypical happy family.

The next piece of music that I found overly interesting was the scene where Danny was holding a knife next to his mum sleeping. The non-diegetic sound (Sound which is visible on the screen gets more higher pitch and faster as the scene goes along, more sounds then occur setting the atmosphere, as the sound gets louder and louder, it makes the audience actually question if Danny will kill his mother Wendy.

Overall, I definitely think that music does set the atmosphere, for example if the music didn’t occur in the previous scene that I spoke about. it wouldn’t of been tense for the audience; the scene would of dragged on.

The next film that I will be focusing on is called ‘Full Metal Jacket’. Full Metal Jacket is about American soldiers preparing themselves for the Vietnam war. Within this film we come across Pyle (who was a) mechanic. Throughout the film we can clearly see that Pyle was having a tough time training and was constantly being bullied.

At the start of the film Pyle was shown as quite a comedic character who found his instructor quite funny, however, as the film went on Pyle was shown as being bullied by his instructor and the other soldiers in training, When Pyle started training for the military he was portrayed as an unfit/ overweight person. As the film went on we saw that he drastically changed; started to talk to his guns which Kubrick showed cleverly to tell the audience that he was struggling mentally.

We could also see that Pyle was struggling through his use of facial expressions making it feel uncomfortable for the audience to watch.  Kubrick would have had to research the different types bulling, how bullying effects others; how mental health can drive you that crazy to kill yourself and others around you.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 09.26.41.png


Kubrick expresses the lighting within this project which portrays Misè en scene, for example the image below. Within this scene the dark tones create an effect; makes it more serious for the viewers. Within this image we can tell that the instructor is having fun bullying the soldiers, whereas the soldiers look petrified. The location is set in their dormitories, which creates an atmosphere for the viewers.

This scene makes me feel very vulnerable, it shows me how much bullying can affect people in such a short amount of time; how it can change someone so much. It also makes me question what he is going to do when watching the scene for the first time; I continuously kept asking myself if he will actually kill Joker or not.

Within the Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick doesn’t really use music set the mood of the film, instead he uses non-diegetic sounds for example within this scene here-


In my opinion I think that this would Have  been the perfect opportunity for Kubrick to add some music in here, however, I also think that it Is s equally good without music. Using Foley is a great way of creating the effect and making the instructors voice echoing also gives it the same allusion making the audience feel tense. I think Kubrick made good use of the sound with very minimum music and the film was still very interesting to watch.

In conclusion, out of the 4 films we have watched directed by Kubrick “The Shining” and “Full metal jacket” will have to be my favourites; my two least favourites will have to be 2001:Space Odyssey and Dr Strangelove, the reason because of this I personally found both of them very hard to follow especially ‘Space Odyssey’ with the minimum dialogue used, however I did like how Kubrick used music to express the atmosphere of the film. On the other hand, I found ‘The Shining’ much more interesting, with use of dialogue, misè en scene; the non-diegetic sounds creating the tone of the film. Along with “Full Metal Jacket” which I LOVED. ‘Full Metal Jacket’ came across as comedic even though it is an “action” film aswell so didn’t come off as quite so serious as it would of had (like Dr Strangelove). Overall I will use Kubrick’s techniques when it comes to filming mine short film based off of his work; will use symmetry and lighting to create the tone.








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